Italy: Art, Music and Cinema

Italy on the Big Screen

Stepping Out in Italy: Music to My Ears

Florence: A City of Science as Well as Art

Italy: Daily Life

An Apartment in Lucca

Sunday in Lucca

An Ordinary, Extraordinary Day

Scenes from an Italian Neighborhood

Pranzo con Amici (Lunch with Friends)

An Antiques Market in Tuscany

Italy: History and Culture


Italian Emmigration

Italy Remembers

Italy: Holidays and Seasons

Buon Capodanno (Happy New Year)

Seasonal Sightings (Christmas)

Three Wise Men and a Witch (Epiphany)

Marching into an Italian Spring

April 1

Buona Pasqua (Easter)

Primavera (Spring)

Italy: Language

Seduced by Italian

La Scuola (the School) - Part One

La Scuola (the School) - Part Two

Italy: Places

Outside the Great Walls of Lucca

The Breathtaking Beauty of the Cinque Terre

The Allure of Florence

Villa del Balbianello

Coming Home to Lucca

Wandering Among the Ancients in Agrigento, Sicily

Falling in Love with Lucca

All that Glitters is Gold in Monreale, Sicily

Agriturismo Cretaiole, or My Imagined Life as an Italian Farmer

Natural History - Mount Etna

Pistoia - A City of Culture

Between the Angels and Puccini

I Portici di Bologna

Bologna for Beginners

A Child's Eye VIew of Lucca

The Clock Tower

Italy: Recipes and Food

Cooking Class: Gnocchi

Fagiolini Verde

Pane di Pasqua

For Want of the Perfect Risotto

An Italian Deli in Albuquerque

Minestrone - a Big Pot of Italy


Will Fly for Fiocchi

Sandra and L'angolo Dolce


Travel Tips

Leaving on a Jet Plane

United States: Places

Sunny with Lots of Ocean (California)

Escaping the Summer Heat in Coastal Oregon

When You Can't Go for a Walk in Lucca

Hotel Del Coronado