A Stylish Italian Wedding


I marvel at the style that Italians have, that timeless "bella figura." Even as day-to-day style has become increasingly casual over the past decade or two, Italians still achieve (seemingly effortlessly) a look that is stylish and classic. And when an occasion calls for dressing up, well, no one does it better. This is true throughout Italy - from grand cities to smaller towns. 

This style was certainly evident at the matrimonio (wedding) that I saw in Italy recently. The large crowd, gathered outside the Church of San Michele in Lucca, was elegant and beautifully dressed. And oh - those hats! The hats were a surprise to me, as hats are something I always associated with the British, but this group of Italian women wore their hats with great style - the hats were as varied as they were beautiful.

The men were just as well dressed, especially the wedding party in gray pinstripped pants and jackets with tails. Even the young boys were fashionable!

And of course the bride was stunning and the groom handsome.  This is, after all, Italy!           

-post by JMB